DEINDE Review: Molly Marinik, Theatre is Easy

Photo by Justin Hoch at Pictured: Ken Glickfeld, Nitya Vidyasagar. Post by August Schulenburg.

Trying to keep up with all of the reviews as they keep pouring in! While Theatre is Easy has reviewed Flux before, I believe this was Molly Marinik’s first time with us, and hopefully she’ll stick around, because the review is a great one. My favorite quote (of many) is this:

Deinde isn’t just about science. It’s also about scientists. And they are people. And they fall in love, make cheesy jokes, and fear the future just like the rest of us.

I’m often tempted (but thankfully resist) to answer the question “What is the play about?” by simply saying “the people in it,” because that (admittedly glib) answer is closest to how I truly feel. With a play like DEINDE, it would be easy to assume that the ideas and themes were the primary point of interest for me, but the characters always come first. As I mentioned in my response to Aaron’s review, this may even be a weakness, as I may let them go on more than I should, but I am grateful that Molly begins her review in this way.

I’m also psyched that she responds to Heather’s pacing and staging – the last time I watched the show, I was struck again by how beautiful the transitions are, like little plays themselves.So please, check out the review, and then come see the show – only six performances remain!

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