Other Bodies at FringeNYC

“How like a lover, the body promises and gives, and promises and gives, and then watches each gift go…”“My body is not my body. My voice is not my voice.”
(Photo: Isaiah Tannenbaum, Terry: Vince Nappo, Time et. al: Christina Shipp)

Flux’s Season of Transformation continues with Other Bodies, a fever dream of a play following Terry, a notorious player, whose pursuit of a mysterious woman leads to obsession and violence. What begins as a seductive battle of the sexes deepens into a haunting parable of the way our bodies betray us.

Other Bodies
Playwright: August Schulenburg
Director: Heather Cohn
Stage Manager: Cat Adler-Josem
Set/Light Designer: Jason Paradine
Costume Designers: Tiffany Clementi and Hannah Rose Peck
Sound Designer: Asa Wember
Dramaturg: Ingrid Nordstrom
Vince Nappo* and Christina Shipp

Our Dates
Sunday, August 10th @ 12 noon

Saturday, August 16th @ 8:45pm

Sunday August 17th @4:15pm

Wednesday, August 20th @ 6:45pm

Friday, August 22nd @3:45pm

Our Location
The Flamboyan Theatre

CSV Cultural and Education Center
107 Suffolk St (between Rivington & Delancey)
Part of the New York International Fringe Festival
A Production of The Present Company

Tickets go on sale on July 20th – please join us as we continue wrestling with how life transforms the body against the bodies will.

(Photo: Isaiah Tannenbaum, Terry: Vince Nappo, Time et. al: Christina Shipp)

“I can still remember how her one bracelet kept sliding down her left arm, and how she kept pulling it up without noticing. She always wore her hair up but that night, one little strand kept falling down, and she kept tucking it back as if that one little strand might unravel everything. Whenever she was thinking, she would swirl her wine and stare into the red of it, like she was hypnotizing herself. And so when at the very end of the night, staring into the fourth glass, swirling it for a long time, her bracelet fell; she finished the wine, stood up, pulled up her bracelet, tucked her hair back; wine, bracelet, hair and I lost myself completely.”
(Photo: Isaiah Tannenbaum, Terry: Vince Nappo, Time et. al: Christina Shipp)
“There was a house with one light on, and a shadow, and even though I stood some fifty feet away I knew exactly who that shadow was. Not all that far away a train was coming, or going. I felt other lights in other houses but I could only walk towards one. The shadow drew closer to the window and I could see the curve of her body and just as I saw her hair was down, it was down, my cell phone rang, and it was him.”

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