Casting Madness


That is the sound two weeks of casting madness make. This year we saw a much higher quality of talent then we have in the past. A large part of that comes from having a wider community of directors and producers to recommend folks (and a special thanks to Tlaloc Rivas , Sherri Kronfield and Scott Ebersold for sending their legions of talented friends). But, Backstage still provided us one of the best surprises of the process, proving it may yet be worth wading through the swamp of open submissions.

For those who auditioned for our 2009/10 season, we are hoping to announce the casts of Pretty Theft and The Lesser Seductions of History by the end of the week; for J.B., the casting process will continue (it not being all that easy to cast a verse play riffing on the story of Job, after all).

We are also very close to announcing the cast for our Battle of the Bards and our next Food:Soul, so stay tuned!

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