The Return To A Wonderful Wife

Tonight was one of the many nights that make being a part of Flux Theatre Ensemble grand. A few of us met to read through the latest draft of Jeremy Basescu’s A Wonderful Wife, previously profiled here. David Crommett was a both arrogant and humble as Carl, Candice Holdorf continued her human excavation of the demon Angela, Brian Pracht (in spite of being sick) found the humor and anger of Max, and Tiffany Clementi was a boyount Christine, changing from a sassy undergrad to a more intruiging and morally ambivalent force by the end.

But a special thanks goes to our host Jane Taylor, who also played June, and who only deepened in her rich and complex portrayal of this challenging part. A great talk about the play afterwards lead into speculation over wine on the nature of beauty, ensembles, the 60’s, the foolish goodness of any decade, the Yankees versus the Red Sox, and the difference between free love and friends with benefits…in short, one of the good nights.

Oh, and Jeremy’s rewrite was great.

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