Five Bloggers On Fire

And speaking of discipline, a shout-out to five bloggers who have been on fire lately:

Adam Szymkowicz: is on a tear interviewing all sorts of interesting playwrights

Sean Williams: the multi-faceted Gideon producer is rocking production posts, reactions to shows, and in-depth thinking on larger issues confronting the field; all with candor and warmth

Leonard Jacobs: Twitter tells me Leonard’s posted SIX (count ’em!) new posts this morning, including two reviews, a report on the Democracy Restoration Act, and an example of a theatre weathering the recession. Economics, politics, aesthetics – Clyde Fitch is expanding the frame of what arts journalism means in exciting ways.

Createquity: Each post from Ian David Moss needs four additional posts to unpack all the rigorous thinking contained; the business of the arts, from the detailed to the conceptual, he’s been bringing it

Bekah Brunstetter: On the other end of the spectrum, the world of Bekah’s blog feels a lot like the world of her plays – funny, warm, surprising, strange (oh, and the Atlantic? Awesome)

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