Interview At Visible Soul

Zack Calhoon interviewed me for the interview series, “People You Should Know…” on his blog, Visible Soul. I was honored to be asked to participate in this series, as Zack has already interviewed impressive folks like Leonard Jacobs, Jennifer Conley Darling, Matthew Freeman, and Jessi Hill.

Speaking of Leonard Jacobs, he has a GREAT interview with Jesse Alick, the Artistic Director of Subjective Theatre Company. Jesse talks about faith, political theatre, and Subjective’s radical practice of providing free theatre.

If you’re still hungry for more interview goodness, Patrick Lee has a great interview with the lauded leading ladies of Viral, Amy Lynn Stewart and Rebecca Comtois. (Have you bought your tix yet for the extension?)

Meanwhile, the mighty mighty Szymkowicz has reached 50 playwright interviews…and Crystal Skillman is on the beat for the 50/50 in 2020.

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