Joe Mathers on Lesser Seductions

(Photo: Tyler G. Hicks-Wright. Pictured: Matthew Archambault)
I was thrilled to see that one of our co-founders and former members Joe Mathers had started a blog (covering stage combat – I hope he’ll be covering Fight Fest at the Brick) and even more thrilled he saw The Lesser Seductions of History and blogged about it. He is not alone in having philosophical differences with the play, and if you are like him (or even if you loved every bit of it), I hope you’ll take a moment to post your comments here. In the next two weeks, I will respond more in depth to the wonderful feedback in those comments, and talk about the future life of the play, so I hope very much that if you were thinking of commenting but just hadn’t done so, you will comment now.

Thanks, and be sure to follow Joe’s blog – I’ve added it to our blogroll.

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