Flux Sunday, February 14th

(What is Flux Sunday?)

Still trying to play catch up on the Flux Sunday reports, and a rainy day does indeed help. So, cast your minds back to the far gone day of February 14th, where a last minute change of venue has us scrambling to a location where we can only read the plays, and not stage them.

And yet…as you might have hoped…some good work happened. Armenian verse dramas, girls possessed by monkeys, agribusiness, pirate love, and unexpected house guests all paid a visit to this Sunday’s Flux.

Playwrights: Johnna Adams (Hripsime), Katherine Burger (The Guest), Fengar Gael (The Gallerist), Kristen Palmer (Sacrifice), Adam Szymkowicz (My Base and Scurvy Heart)

Actors: Paula Roman, Alisha Spielmann, Mariam Habib, Ingrid Nordstrom, Brian Pracht, Nancy Franklin, Michael Davis, David Crommett, Carissa Cordes, Ken Glickfeld, Anthony Wills Jr, Matthew Archambault

Highlights included:

– Mariam and Anthony’s powerful showdown as Hripsime and the lusty king Tiridates in Hrispime. Stichomythia fans, it doesn’t get better than this.
– Mary’s exciting twist in The Gallerist that made Laura’s attempt to exorcise the monkey possessing her friend a wee bit more complex.
– Alisha Spielmann’s continued channeling of the precocious and mercurial Emmie in Sacrifice.
– David Crommett’s perfect capture of Dennis’ over-confidence and loneliness in The Guest.
– Johnna’s heartbreakingly funny pirate-in-love in My Base And Scurvey Heart.

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