Jacob’s House Photos From Tech

Isaiah Tanenbaum has some lovely shots from tech rehearsal for your viewing pleasure…and to inspire you to get your tickets now for opening weekend!

(All photos by Isaiah Tanenbaum. Pictured: Jessica Angleskhan, Zack Calhoon, Jane Lincoln Taylor)

Tamar tries to seal the deal on the unusual provision in their father’s will.

(Pictured: Kelli Dawn Holsopple, Anthony Wills J., Jane Lincoln Taylor)
Three times collide: Dinah (2010) watches as her Aunt Rachel (1860) tells the story of their Great Uncle Essau (1786) and how he lost his gun.

(Pictured: Matthew Archambault, Zack Calhoon, Tiffany Clementi, Jane Lincoln Taylor)
More overlapping times, as Leah (1880) tells her children Joe and Dinah (2010) about the terrible thing their father Jacob (1786) did.
Yup, these characters live longer lives than you or I will…

(Pictured: Jessica Angleskhan)
Tamar is willing to fight for what should have been hers in the first place.

(Pictured: Jane Lincoln Taylor, Johnna Adams, Bianca LaVerne Jones, Matthew Archambault)
Dinah watches as her Grandmother Rebecca manipulates Jacob to steal something important from the dying Isaac.

(Pictured: Matthew Archambault)
Did we mention yet that this is a violent play?

(Pictured: Jessica Angleskhan, Zack Calhoon)
Tamar and Joe buried their father today, but his ghost is restless.

(Pictured: Bianca LaVerne Jones, Matthew Archambault)

Rebecca always gets what she wants from her second son.

(Pictured: Zack Calhoon, Jane Lincoln Taylor)
Will Joe and Dinah’s fragile alliance last the night?
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