Whither Presale Tickets?

So, while Jacob’s House tickets are selling reasonably well – we’ve nearly sold out opening night – we’re behind ticket sales from our past two shows, having sold 15% less then Pretty Theft (85%) and 42% less then The Lesser Seductions of History at this distance from opening. That’s a significant downturn when we’d expected at least a modest amount of growth.

The question is why? Other than the evergreen Vampire Cowboys, I’ve heard offhand from a few companies that ticket sales are slow, so perhaps this is a wider issue (and if you are producing, please let us know if that’s true in the comments).

But it’s more likely something we’ve done (or aren’t doing), and we want to hear from you what’s what.

Is it because you were expecting JB, and are miffed by the loss?
Is it because it’s two shows penned by me in a row?
Is it because you’ve been deluged by ForePlay information, diluting the pitch to come see Jacob’s House?

This last possibility seems likely, as The Lesser Seductions of History sold significantly more tickets by this time than either Pretty Theft or Jacob’s House, and unlike those two shows, had no exploratory ForePlay reading series leading up to it.

We’d always thought that the ForePlay series, besides being an exciting event in itself, was also a great way to build excitement for our full productions, but maybe, Freakonomics style, it’s quite the opposite. If this hypothesis were true, it would be a significant challenge to this part of our programming.

So please let us know what’s what in the comments below. A strong opening weekend is a the absolute key to a successful run – it’s why we’re offering the $11 tickets with the MANIFEST discount code – and we want to know what’s not working.

And for less practical and more artistic inspiration, I offer again this Sonnet for a Short Run:

So you say you’re going to see our show
Thanks! We know the demands on your attention
Are great – TV, films, books, not to mention
Social media – still, you’ve said you’ll go.

But when? Now the matter grows uncertain;
Not this week but for sure the next, until
Next pours itself into your cup and spills
Over, and you rush to miss that last curtain.

Then, ah! the sorrows and regrets! The vows
Of next time; though we know missed plays, like failed leaps,
Like lost love and other games played for keeps
Get no nexts; but get gone by the last bows.

Tomorrow starts before we’re ready for today;
But make time for us and we’ll stop time with our play.

So…see you at the theatre?

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