Flux Sunday, June 13th

(What is Flux Sunday?)

Well, this was an unusual Flux Sunday. Due to a perfect storm of summer vacations and busy playwrights, yours truly was the only contributor of pages to this particular Flux Sunday. Luckily, I had a lot of them!

Playwrights: August Schulenburg (Dream Walker, Deinde)

Actors: Johnna Adams, Greg Waller, Scott Barnhardt, Elise Link, Ken Glickfeld, Isaiah Tanenbaum, Tiffany Clementi, Brian Pracht, Heather Cohn, Kari Swenson Reily, Debargo Senyal, Matthew Archambault

Highlights included:
-This lucky playwright getting to hear the entire second act of Dream Walker all at a go, a day after finishing it!
-Elise Link having a fantastic Sunday as both Dawn in Dream Walker and Mindy in Deinde
– Debargo and Brian spinning a beautiful rhapsody of brothers dreaming at the close of Dream Walker

While I was grateful to hear my 60+ pages, I was very glad when the next Flux Sunday featured the return of some of our playwrights! But more on that past Sunday in the very near future…

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