Flux Sunday, August 15th

What is Flux Sunday?

Playwrights: Johnna Adams (Nurture, Gidion’s Knot, The Planned Obsolescence Of Karl Rove), August Schulenburg (Deinde)

Actors: Matt Archambault, Nancy Franklin, Brian Pracht, David Crommett, Ken Glickfeld, Jane Taylor

I admit, I went into this Sunday worried about the small turn out. But it ended up being a really satisfying evening, with our intimate crew reading through 3 scenes of Johnna’s, 2 of which were older scripts we joked were B-Sides. They ended up blowing us away, reminding us of her crazy range as a playwright.


-No matter what else happens in my life, I can now say that I have played, at least in reading form, a Bleak Karlian Skriker. What is a Bleak Karlian Skriker you might ask? Oh, just a fire-breathing lizard demon living in the Magical Rovitanian Wonder Cabinet with the face of Karl Rove. No, they can’t that away from me.

-Our inability to finish scenes in both Nurture and The Planned Obsolescence Of Karl Rove without laughing. Oh, ludicrous litany of Rove ailments, how could we stand against you?

-The disturbing undercurrents of Gidion’s Knot, with lovely performances from Brian Pracht as the teenage war poet, and Ken Glickfeld as his poetry-struck forget-monster of a father.

-Jane Taylor’s moving read of Dara’s rhapsody after she is given an unexpected new lease on life in Deinde

-Johnna and Brian Pracht speaking with one mind in Deinde, no easy feat for a cold read

If you were part of our band of sisters and brothers, what do you remember?

AND…stay tuned for some changes in Flux Sunday policy…

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