Flux Sunday, January 2nd

(What is Flux Sunday?)

Playwrights: Katherine Burger (Ever, Ever), Brian Pracht (Wendell Wants), August Schulenburg (The Temptation Show)

Actors: Jane Taylor, Jason Howard, Ken Glickfeld, Gretchen Poulos, Alisha Spielmann, Kimberly Klein, Nora Hummel, Isaiah Tanenabum, Ryan Andes, Travis York, Matthew Archambault, Heather Nicolson

Our first Flux Sunday of 2011! And, pending how rehearsals/production of Dog Act goes, potentially our last for a little while, though we’ll be trying to sneak in some in January, if we can.

Highlights included:
-Ever wonder what the definition of “crackling” look like in action? Well, if you had seen Jason Howard as Dial and Richard Watson as Hook read Ever Ever, you would wonder no more.
-Jane Taylor’s moving read as the spurned Wendy in the very same Ever Ever (it was a good day for our flash forward Peter Pan)
Wendell Wants breezing speedily through 30 pages as Brian turns the screws on our likable, but increasingly morally dubious, hero; memorably embodied by three (count ’em!) Wendell’s, Travis York, Matthew Archambault, and Isaiah Tanenbaum

It was a socko day for our first 2011 Sunday…here’s to many more, hopefully sooner than later.

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