Ajax in Iraq Review: Patricia Contino, Flavorpill

(Photo: Isaiah Tanenbaum. Pictured: Sol Crespo, Chinaza Uche, Anna Rahn)
This is, I think, Flavorpill’s 4th review with us, and looking them over, I notice that I’ve made the same “short but sweet” comment every time. I’m so original! They do, however, manage to pack a punch in a few words, as in:

How sad that politicians never bother studying the lessons theatre teaches. They would learn much from Ellen McLaughlin’s powerful Ajax in Iraq.

We’re psyched to have been made an Editor’s Pick (note the handsome blue star), and grateful Flavorpill keeps coming back. So read the whole review, and then get your tickets (last week!), and then leave your own thoughts here.

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