Prodigy Jenni Long Joins QuamBi

(Photo and world-building magic by Isaiah Tanenbaum. Pictured: Rachael Hip-Flores as Jenni Long)

Truly, this is a huge break-through in our fight against the Virus! To have someone with Professor Long’s unbelievable potential paired up with the experience of a Professor Forner or Sands could be the tipping-point.

Jenni Long is of course well-known for having solved one of the oldest problems in numbers theory, Goldbach’s conjecture, at the tender age of 17. Her precocious abilities of computation made her famous well before that, however, and we’re thrilled to see the kind of difference she might make in the real world.

While she fiercely guards her private life, she’s been spotted on the arm of up-and-coming visual artist Mindy Alvarez. In a recent interview, she said she hates shopping, but loves unwinding to old children’s books like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

What do you think, readers – will he gifts make the difference against the Virus? And would you want to have a drink with this precocious prodigy?

Either way, it’s clear that you should take advantage of the $12 ticket deal for the first four shows of DEINDE as soon as possible!

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