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Photo by Justin Hoch at Pictured: Matthew Murumba. Post by August Schulenburg.

This beautiful response to DEINDE by Mozz is the reason why I make theatre, pure and simple. The written play is as many rungs up the ladder as I can think and feel the story on my own. Then, the production team carries it further upwards, handing it off the audience, who will bear the play a few steps higher for us all to take in the view. How high, how far, how wide:  that view changes each and every night. Mozz definitely carries the play a few more steps up the ladder with this post – take a look.

There are so many passages here worth pondering: his insight into Cooper’s praying, his praise for the centrality of Nitya’s grounding performance as Nabanita, his setting the questions of the play in the larger  scientific and ethical discourse.

But my favorite passage is his shout-out to Kia’s work as a designer. She was also the production manager, and heroically rose to the challenges of the process again and again. When I think of this production, my boat of a brain will always carry her amazing efforts and the generosity of Mozz’s response.

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  1. dad · May 12, 2012 at 12:39 am · Reply

    BRAVO to the team . . . but they are YOUR thoughts and words and they are always AMAZING to me

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