DEINDE Review: Charles Battersby, Theater for Nerds

(Photo: Justin Hoch at Pictured: Isaiah Tanenbaum, David Ian Lee, Rachael Hip-Flores.)

Another sci-fi focused review! Charles Battersby gives a great review of the play, including a fun call-out on me missing another Star Trek opportunity (guilty).

It is always refreshing when reviewers engage with the content of the play, rather than simply judge the execution. While Charles acknowledges some of DEINDE’s ground has been covered, I’m grateful he notes the specific territory that is the focus of the play – culture, poetry, music, humor – all the things we separate from intelligence but are of course inextricably bound together in the self.

However, my favorite quote has to be this:

The set and prop design (By Will Lowry) all use a very effective theme; everything is made of transparent plastic.  The walls, computer screens, phones, tablet computers and musical instruments are made of clear flat plastic panels.  It’s futuristic without directly speculating on exactly what the gadgets of the year 2051 will look like.

It is almost as if he sat in on our production meetings, so perfectly does he nail Will and Heather’s intent!

Anyway, read the warm, incisive review, and then get your tix!

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