DEINDE Review: Karen Tortora-Lee, The Happiest Medium

Photo by Justin Hoch at Pictured: Isaiah Tanenbaum, Ken Glickfeld, Rachael Hip-Flores, Nitya Vidyasagar.

I love that picture above – Ken’s delivery of this moment was a highlight of his performance for me. And I love this review from Karen Tortora-Lee at The Happiest Medium! Karen is one of Flux’s oldest and most trusted reviewers, and I feel like her work continues to grow with every show.

To begin, she is the only reviewer who takes the chess game at the beginning and follows it throughout the play:

“DEINDE works with this theme throughout the play;  constantly pitting two sides against each other with much higher stakes, and a checkmate which implies not just the end of a game but perhaps the end of human progress.”

She also deftly weaves quotes from the play into the synopsis, and tracks how the sound design mirrors the action:

“This makes the dischord which begins once the rules are broken all the more salient and pronounced – where things once were clear and ordered they are now explosive and uncontrollable.”

Check out the review in its excellent entirety here.

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