Flux Sunday, 8/12

Pathetic iPhone photo and post by August Schulenburg. Pictured: Jane Lincoln Taylor, Michael Criscuolo.

(What is Flux Sunday?)

Well, it happened: three of our best Flux Sundays, all in a row. I have a hunch that whenever the long look back on all of this happens, these past three weeks will be one of the high water marks of the whole mad Flux Sunday experiment. And a good thing, too, as the next three weeks we’re off for the Flux Retreat!

Playwrights: EM Lewis (Southbound 217), August Schulenburg (Jane the Plain, The Fierce Five), Roland Tec (Kennedy 5)

Directors: Heather Cohn, Marielle Duke

Actors: Sam Yim, Chester Poon, Isaiah Tanenbaum, Ridley Parson, Liza Fernandez, Daryl Lathon, Anna Lamadrid, David Del Grosso, Michael Criscuolo, Jennifer Gordon Thomas, Sarah Amandes, Emily Hartford, Jennifer Tsay, Dana Sumner-Pritchard, Mariam Habib


-Emily Hartford turned in another strong performance as Cassie in Southbound 217, in spite of being given yet another stage kiss by the Flux Sunday casting director (read:me). I’m not doing that on purpose! I promise, next week will be a stage kiss-free role for the mighty mighty Hartford.
-The Jaguarmobile: ’nuff said.
-Marielle’s wonderful direction of Kennedy 5, including an actual political rumba that not only made clear the machinations at play, but also featured the director dancing herself.
-Jane Taylor’s amazing switch from John F. Kennedy to Jackie Onassis in the span of a few breaths requires a special shout-out, as well.
-Daryl Lathon’s nailed Scotty the Hotty’s last monologue before the jump in Jane the Plain – an auspicious Flux Sunday debut!
-Anna Lamadrid killed it again in her last Flux Sunday scene before leaving for grad school in The Fierce Five. So many of my recent plays – from Perse to The Fields of Blue and Glow – have been touched by her fearless Flux Sunday acting, and I am very sorry to see her go.

A few more pathetic iPhone pics that capture some of the magic below – see you all in September!

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  1. Emily · August 23, 2012 at 2:23 pm · Reply

    Hey now, Gus, who asked you to stop with the stage kisses? I’m having a lovely time over here… 😉 …Also. Flux Sunday-ers. Can I just say? I am so consistently awed and wowed and tickled and humbled on Sundays from 4-7, and I am so grateful for that. Thanks for being awesome.

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