Flux Sunday, 12/8/13

(Photos and post by August Schulenburg. Pictured: Rachael Hip-Flores, Chester Poon, Heather Cohn.)

(What is Flux Sunday?)

No doubt: when the holiday season rolls around, Flux Sundays can get a little intimate in size…and this Flux Sunday featured work from only one playwright. Thankfully, that playwright was one of the handsomest around, and a spirited time was had by all, including a walk down memory lane with one of the first plays ever workshopped at Flux Sunday.

Playwrights:  August Schulenburg (Be Happy Be Happy Be Happy, Perfect Children)

Directors: Heather Cohn, Christine Zagrobelny

Actors: Adriana Jones, Jane Lincoln Taylor, Rachael Hip-Flores, Maya ???, Alisha Spielmann, Sarah Amandes, Chester Poon

Highlights included:

– Sarah Amandes continued her cheerily chilling read of Siqieq in Be Happy Be Happy Be Happy, bringing her crumbling mental state to vivid, hilarious life.

-Chester continuing to be unstoppable as Ebabbar in the self-same play.

-Heather Lee Rogers rocking McCann’s comic fury, and of course, any opportunity to see Jen Kipley as Holographic Hitler and Jane Taylor as Holographic Lincoln is an opportunity not to be missed…

If you were there, what would you turn into a hollie to remember?

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