#3030NP: UNDONE, by Andrea Thome

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“Objects. Words. Bodies. Atoms are just vibrations. There for a moment — then gone. Then back again, in a new place. Never exactly the same.”
–Jefito in Undone by Andrea Thome

That’s the magic of theatre. Things repeat but never in the exactly same way. If we are mindful, we can notice this magic in our own lives as well. I cut my teeth in the New York Latino theatre community and the artist that I am today is owed to those experiences, so, when Flux was presented with NoPassport: 30/30, a nation-wide Latino centric reading scheme, I JUMPED at the opportunity and once again, my life repeats but not in the exactly same way.

Along with my partner in prime (crime is bad, we don’t do bad here), Heather Cohn, we chose Undone by Andrea Thome. I met Andrea when I performed as Bertie in her first NYC play, Alley Rats, which was also my first NYC play (and you never forget your first). Andrea’s humor, command of language and generosity of spirit is carried throughout her plays. Her characters are beautifully raw. Her worlds are magical and grounded. Undone follows the people in a/your/my building: Mercedes, the viejita who treats you like her own family; Odile, whose baggage imposes on her wanting a better life for her daughter Valentina, who in turn is trying to survive the life she has; the stoop poet laureate, Gadafi; Yoan, the young man who so wants to be a rebel with absolutely no cause; and Jefito, the spirit shape-shifter, the one who is us all. I dare you to remain unchanged after experiencing Undone. I am more than honored to have brought together a ridiculously talented cast at the helm of one of my favorite directors, Heather Cohn.

Here’s a little context for you, dear reader, on what #3030NP is:

30/30 is a national festival of readings of new work by US Latino/a playwrights to be held between February and May 2014 as an initiative of NoPassport theater alliance and press (OBIE award winner Caridad Svich, founder) with collaborating producer Dominic D’Andrea (Producing Artistic Director, The One Minute Play Festival, #1MPF). You can always read more at: www.nopassport.org/3030.

Friend of Flux Anna Lamadrid is also leading one in Washington!

Special thanks to Pregones Theater/Puerto Rican Traveling Theater for opening their doors to us.

Undone by Andrea Thome, directed by Heather Cohn will be read as part of Pregones Theater/Puerto Rican Traveling Theater NoPassport readings on March 19th at 7pm at The Puerto Rican Traveling Theater, 304 West 47th Street. Cast Includes: Rosal Colón, Rachael Hip-Flores, Jorge Merced, Adriana Sananes, Debargo Sanyal, Chinaza Uche and Teresa Yenque. We so hope you can join us–RSVP here!

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