On 1/6/16, Flux Theatre Ensemble’s Food:Soul program will once again team up with Judson Arts Wednesdays’ Bailout Theater for a sneak peak at Rizing, Flux’s next production. Kick off your new year right with good food, great people, and a glimpse at an exciting new play in development.
Playwright: Jason Tseng
Director: Emily Hartford
Dramaturg: Christine Zagrobelny
Featuring: Arthur Aulisi, Pete Boisvert, Vanessa Kai, Daryl Lathon, Antonio Minino, Lori Parquet, Alisha Spielmann, and Chris Wight.

SYNOPSIS: With the discovery of a treatment for the zombie disease, a new society rises out of the ashes of the zombiepocalypse: Shelter, the last city in the world. The city is divided between two classes, the Z-positive former zombies and the uninfected Z-negative. 

Two sets of lovers strive to find happiness while being torn apart by the political and violent conflict between Shelter’s Z-negative elite and the ascendant Z-positive insurgency known as the Zealots. Two scientists race to find a cure to finally bring peace to the city, while a mysterious force threatens to consume the last remnants of humanity, body and soul.

As we follow the lives of people on both sides of this disease; stories of intimacy, adversity, resistance, loss, healing, and love emerge from this epic struggle.

What is Bailout Theater? “On the first Wednesday of each month, join us for free homecooked dinners, good vibes, better people, and entertainments. Each Bailout Theater date will rotate between music and dance.
7:00 PM – Doors open at 55 Washington, Square South at the Corner of Thompson Street – Greenwich Village, Manhattan.
7:15 PM – Free dinner: Potluck donations welcomed (but not required).
8:00 PM – Free entertainment: See the schedule below. No reservations required.
No cost, no catch, no proselytizing, no processed food.”

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