Launching RAGE-19: An online festival of feminist performance and conversation inspired by Nandita Shenoy’s Rage Play

While Flux’s production of Nandita Shenoy’s Rage Play may have been cancelled because of COVID-19, our shared commitment to raging against the patriarchy remains undiminished. In that spirit, and to provide an online gathering place for our community, we are announcing RAGE-19, an online festival of feminist performance and conversation.

Beginning with a virtual reading of a portion of Nandita’s play featuring the actors and creative team of the production, RAGE-19 will include readings of and conversations about feminist texts. Sourced from a diverse set of texts–poems, plays, essays, and more–written by those marginalized by gender, Flux will host up to nineteen nights of virtual events over the next six weeks, beginning at the end of March. 

In addition to furthering the themes of Rage Play, RAGE19 will provide a regular online gathering place for Flux’s community. We’ll practice our core value of #CollectiveCare by checking in with each other and supporting each other’s needs. Together, we’ll learn how to practice the connection and communion of theatre in a virtual space.

As with all of Flux’s productions, RAGE-19 will use the Living Ticket model and require no financial transaction to participate. Please email Corinna Schulenburg if you’d like to be involved as a performer, facilitator, and/or curator of RAGE-19

Let’s rage against the patriarchy.

Let’s rage against COVID-19.

And let’s take care of each other.

And now, a .gif for transformative resilience, courtesy of Will Lowry’s genius.

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