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Wider Frame: Ajax in Iraq

(What is The Wider Frame?) A play that deals so directly with our current Iraq war can’t help but be seen in the context of a wider frame. In producing Ajax in Iraq, we must do justice not only to the play itself, but to subject matter of the play, the lives of the soldiers…

The Walls of Season 4: Baghdad

Walls play a major role in all three plays of our Season 4: Don’t Look Away. In Dog Act, the legacy of a breach in a walled city defines the conflict. In Menders, we follow the arc of two student guards watching the wall of a post-apocalyptic city. In Ajax in Iraq, the walls are…

Casting for Flux’s 4th Season

It’s that time again! Flux is holding invited auditions for our 4th Season: Don’t Look Away. Casting info for all 3 shows is below. Flux Theatre Ensemble is casting for its production of Dog Act by Liz Duffy Adams, a post-apocalyptic comedy with music. First rehearsal, January 3. Production runs February 3-20AEA Showcase (approval pending)….

Flux’s Season 4: Don’t Look Away

Flux is thrilled to announce our fourth season! Our fourth season explores the cost of a society remaining always vigilant. In our see something, say something world, what happens to empathy when we’re always on guard?What is our responsibility to those keeping watch?And what happens when our defenses are breached? Season 4: Don’t Look Away…