Flux Annual Retreat

Every summer since 2006, Flux has gathered with our community at the Little Pond Arts Retreat in Nazareth, PA for our Annual Retreat. After the first few years, the Annual Retreat grew into a major event, welcoming between 25-30 theatre-makers for a week of making plays, meals, games, and bonfires together. Often, the Creative Partners meet for a few days before others arrived to prepare for the week and plan for the year.

In 2019, we scaled back the size of the Retreat and held a gathering called Core Work, which grew into our current bi-weekly Core Work program. From 2020, we held a winter Retreat, and our summer Retreat was cancelled. From 2021-2022, we kept the size of the Annual Retreat small, in part because of COVID, and in part because of our own capacity during those difficult years. In 2023, our Annual Retreat is growing again—stay tuned for more information!