Flux Theatre Ensemble produces transformative theatre that explores and awakens the capacity for change. As an ensemble-artist driven company, we believe that long-term collaboration and rigorous creative development can unite artists and audiences to build a creative home in New York.

About Us

Since 2006, Flux has produced 22 productions and countless readings and developmental projects. The ensemble is made up of eleven Creative Partners composed of actors, directors, playwrights, and designers. Flux is the proud recipient of the 2011 Caffe Cino Fellowship Award, presented annually to an Off-Off-Broadway theatre company that consistently produces outstanding work. The company’s productions of Hearts Like Fists and Ajax in Iraq were chosen as “New York Times Critics’ Picks” and in 2015 Backstage named Flux one of “eight young and mighty New York theatre companies.” Over the years, Flux has received New York Innovative Theatre Award nominations for their productions of Once Upon a Bride There Was a ForestJane the Plain, Sans Merci, Hearts Like Fists, Ajax in Iraq, The Angel Eaters Trilogy, The Lesser Seductions of History and Dog Act.

Flux Theatre Ensemble is a member of the Alliance of Resident Theatres/NY, the Network of Ensemble Theaters and the League of Independent Theatres.

Flux Theatre Ensemble (a Meet the Theatre film) from Theatre Development Fund (tdf) on Vimeo.

Core Values

These values live in all aspects of our work and in every point of contact with our community.

Aesthetic Values

Flux’s aesthetic is ensemble-artist driven and evolves according to the needs of our community.


In addition to our main productions, Flux is actively dedicated to play development through Food:Soul, ForePlay, Have Another, Flux Sundays and our annual retreat.

Core Values

We love what we do, we have fun doing it, and we want to inspire that passion in others.

We practice contagious empathy and mutual respect.

Our process is inclusive, transparent, and sustained through long term partnerships.

We extend the imaginative act beyond the stage into our administrative practices.

We take risks to make great theatre and challenge ourselves to improve every day.

Our plays are illuminated by human choices, by how people change, and through the conflict and consequences of their actions.

Structural Complexity
Our plays contain layered worlds, multiple stories and shifting perspectives that cohere into a dynamic whole.

Our plays embrace collisions of different tones, styles and genres – often within a single moment.

Transformative Staging
Our plays take a single element (e.g. an actor, prop, set piece) and use it in multiple ways, trusting the rough magic of theatre and the audience’s imagination to build layers of meaning.

Moral Ambiguity
Our plays allow contradictory forces equal presence and challenge conventional notions of absolute right.

Audience Intimacy
Our plays seek the most direct route to share the experience of the characters with the audience to inspire collective catharsis.

Full Productions

Since 2006, Flux has produced 22 productions in New York City. Read more about the productions, see photos and read reviews here.


What if you’re hungry for both food and theatre? That’s where Food:Soul, Flux’s potluck play reading series, comes in. We take a play we’re passionate about developing, rehearse it, and then share it with you in an extreme staged reading over home-cooked food.

Read more about Food:Soul here


Sometimes, you need a warm up for the full production. With Flux’s exploratory play reading series, ForePlay, our community of artists riff on the themes of our upcoming shows through newly commissioned short plays.

More information on ForePlays will be added soon!

Have Another

Want to see the plays we’re working on at Flux Sundays? Then come Have Another with Flux! This series takes our favorite Sunday scenes and stages them at Jimmy’s #43, a great bar in the East Village.

More info on Have Another will be added soon!

Flux Sunday

It all begins with our weekly play development workshop, Flux Sundays. Every Sunday when not in production, Flux’s growing community of actors, directors, and playwrights meets to lightly stage new scenes from plays in development. Over the course of a year, Flux Sundays develops over thirty plays, and deepens our relationship with over 75 artists.

Read about our most recent sessions on our blog.

Interested in joining us? Email our Artistic Director at gus@fluxtheatre.org.