Sharing Power Episode #5: GAPIMNY

Sharing Power is a podcast and performance series about distributed leadership and consent-based processes. The podcast, co-hosted by Flux Creative Partners Lori Elizabeth Parquet, Corinna Schulenburg, and Jason Tseng, invites other creators and organizers who are practicing distributed leadership/consent-based processes to discuss how they’re doing it.

Our fifth Sharing Power episode was with Patrick G. Lee and Ryan Shen about their collaboration in GAPIMNY:

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“Whoever’s gonna be co-chair has to be the kind of person who knows their boundaries well enough to be like, listen, I’m really feeling very burnt out…I need to give myself permission to lay down my burden. Because that’s how you close the burnout cycle, is to actually give a second to be like, I’m gonna let it all down for a second, so I can rest long enough that I have the energy to pick it back up.”
-Ryan Shen

“This kind of organizing work, I think the rhythm of it and the sociality of it—the relationship building is really what drives it. And when you just boil it down to, like, the logistics of the work itself, something really feels like it’s missing.”
-Patrick G. Lee

Founded in 1990, GAPIMNY is an all-volunteer, membership-based community organization with the mission to empower queer and trans Asian Pacific Islanders* to create positive change. We provide a range of political, social, educational, and cultural programming and work in coalition with other community organizations to educate and promote dialogue on issues of race, sexuality, gender, and health.

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