(Previews April 8 and 9)
Opening Night: April 10
Final Performance: April 25

The Loisaida Center
710 East 9th Street
Lower East Side, New York, NY


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What’s a Living Ticket? This production launches our Living Ticket initiative, which makes Flux’s shows free for all to attend. Well, not exactly free: it costs a lot to create these productions, and we want to provide our team a living wage. So while you don’t have to pay anything, we encourage you to support Flux with a donation when you reserve your Living Ticket. To learn what it would take for us to pay a living wage, check out our Open Book program, which shares our production budget and suggests levels of giving.

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The Story

SALVAGE tells the story of Noma and Akiko, two government officials searching for precious objects through what’s left of a post-catastrophe New York City. When their manager Dennis hires Mandy, a veteran from America’s many wars, the searchers discover things that make them question their mission, and whether it’s time to let their city go.

The Cast

Salvage character shot Sol
Sol Crespo

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Sol is a Creative Partner of Flux and this is her fifth production with Flux (Ajax in Iraq, Menders, DEINDE, Jane the Plain). She is also an ensemble member with Pregones/Puerto Rican Traveling Theater. For more information please visit

Salvage character shot Rachael
Rachael-Hip Flores

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A Creative Partner of Flux, Rachael has been seen in Flux’s productions of Once Upon a Bride There Was a Forest, Sans Merci, Hearts Like Fists, and DEINDE.

Salvage character shot Mike Mihm
Mike Mihm

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This is Mike’s third production with Flux. He was also seen in Ajax In Iraq and Menders.

Salvage character shot Isaiah
Isaiah Tanenbaum

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Creative Partner Isaiah Tanenbaum has appeared in eleven Flux productions, notably as Leonard in Jane the Plain, Mac in DEINDE, and Prince Gutty in Rue. In May, he’ll reprise his role as Napoleon Bonaparte in Johnna Adams’ Lickspittles, Buttonholers, and Damned Pernicious Go-Betweens with Boomerang.

The Creative Team

Playwright – Corinna Schulenburg
Director – Heather Cohn
Scenic Design – Will Lowry
Lighting Design – Kia Rogers
Costume Design – Becky Byers
Sound Design – Janie Bullard
Prop Design – Alisha Spielmann
Stage Management – Jodi M. Witherell
Assistant Director – Emily Hartford
Production Manager – Kelly O’Donnell
Technical Director – Matt Vieira

The Salvage Project

Behind every precious object there is something even more important: a story.
We want to hear the story of a precious object that you would turn back for, should the unthinkable happen. Like the characters in SALVAGE, what would you search for through the rubble of After? By sharing stories of these precious objects, we’ll learn what matters most to the people with whom we share this city, this country, this planet. And maybe, by reminding ourselves what really matters, we’ll live differently, and fewer people will have to ask these difficult questions of Before and After.

Share your story on the THE SALVAGE PROJECT Tumblr page HERE