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The critics love JANE THE PLAIN!

“…easily the most fun I’ve had at the theatre this year.” – Gena Femia, New York Theatre Review

“What a trip it is, full of magic, love, and lessons learned–not to mention pulsars, miracles, and exploding pom poms–all to the soundtrack of the audience’s nonstop laughter.” – Wendy Caster, Showshowdown

“[Alisha Spielmann's] performance was so good it made me a little uncomfortable.” – Amanda LaPergola, Theatre is Easy

“…a true ensemble that feels lived in… Flux Theatre Ensemble has been a company to watch for a while now and Jane the Plain rightly reinforces that reputation.” – Rochelle Denton, nytheatrenow

“Schulenburg also mixes poetry, unexpected in the high school setting, and colloquialisms, very much expected in the high school setting in the narration, further elevating the production into a refreshing mixed-genre experience.” – Maya Asheri, Maxamoo

“A whirlwind of laughs and powerful performances sculpted artfully into fast-paced form by director Kelly O’Donnell” – John Sobel, Blogcritics

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