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The Price is Right:
Guess the Bucks with Flux!

Read more and purchase tickets!

When: November 9 at 7:30pm
Where: DROM (85 Avenue A, East Village)

Join us on November 9 for our annual fundraiser

The Price is Right: Guess the Bucks with Flux!

Tickets start at $25

We love games at Flux. We really do. And we love shows. Putting on a show is what we do best. It should come as no surprise that our fundraisers are game shows! In the past we have packed the house with our Family Feud Fundraiser. This year we are trying something new: America’s favorite game show, The Price is Right! Everyone who buys a ticket has a chance to be a contestant. And, like on the actual show, contestants will have a chance to win real prizes!

There are THREE ways to support Flux

Purchase Tickets

Tickets start at $25. But, the more tickets you buy, the more chances you have to be a contestant. Read more and purchase your tickets here (Don’t worry, if you are the shy type, you can opt out of being a contestant)

Purchase Raffle Tickets

In addition to the game, you can buy raffle tickets to win awesome prizes like tickets to Big Apple Circus, a yoga class membership, ballroom dancing lessons, a one-on-one meeting with a talent manager, and more. And the best part is YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE THERE TO WIN. It’s a great way to support us if you can’t be there on November 9.
See the prizes and purchase raffle tickets HERE!

Send a Proxy to Play for You

Can’t be there but you still want to win the Showcase Showdown? You can send a proxy for you to play on your behalf! We have a very smart, reliable team of proxies, including Family Feud host Matt Archambault, who will be on call ready to play for you should your name be called.
If you want to have a proxy play for you, purchase tickets, and leave a note stating that you would like to request a proxy.

Come on down on November 9 to support Flux at The Price is Right: Guess the Bucks with Flux!