(Previews May 20 and 21)

Opening Night: May 22

Final Performance: June 4

The Access Theater Black Box

380 Broadway, New York, NY


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The Story

Rizing is set many years after the zombie apocalypse in Shelter, the last living city on Earth. Infected family members, friends, and lovers have been rehabilitated thanks to a daily regimen of drugs and therapy, but the uninfected that have brought them back do not trust them. Now the drugs are starting to wear off, and Shelter’s two-tiered society is poised on the verge of all-out war. Characters on both sides must choose between rebuilding the world as it was and creating a new one by force.


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The Cast

Tonia Anderson

Kalim/President Dezna

Jessica Angleskhan


Arthur Aulisi


Daryl Lathon


Lori E. Parquet


Anna Rahn


Debargo Sanyal


Alisha Spielmann


Gavin-Keith Umeh



The Creative Team

Playwright – Jason Tseng

Director – Emily Hartford

Scenic Design – Will Lowry

Lighting Design – Kia Rogers

Costume Design – David Withrow

Sound Design – Janie Bullard

Gore and Makeup Design – Stephanie Cox-Williams

Stage Management – Jodi M. Witherell

Dramaturg/Assistant Direction – Christine Zagrobelny

Fight Direction/Assistant Direction – Stephanie Willing

Technical Director – Claire Bacon

Marketing – Isaiah Tanenbaum

The Game

The Outbreak: The CDC has issued a warning about a fast-spreading viral infection whose symptoms reportedly include cannibalism. You’re in Times Square when the news hits — what will you do? Left or right? Run, hide, or fight? Play the game to find out how you fare in the outbreak that leads to the world of Rizing. The choices you make could very well determine if you’re a survivor, a soldier… or one of the bitten.

Game design by Christine Zagrobelny.

Before Rizing, there was Shelter. Before Shelter…

Shelter Historical Archives


Visit the Shelter Historical Archives for information on The Zombie War, the Rise of Dezna, Life in Z-Town, and more.

Interviews, podcasts, and more


LISTEN to a conversation between Rizing playwright Jason Tseng and three other playwrights writing science fiction theatre (their names may be familiar to you).

EXPLORE Will Lowry’s scenic design in three dimensions through the immersive world above (created as if the room in Rizing were fully in the world of the play) and the theatre space below. Use Google Cardboard as a VR device for the full 3D experience!

LOVE the beautiful poster art playwright Jason Tseng created, inspired by the actors and design of the Flux production.

Rizing Poster