Friends of Flux

Photo by Heather Cohn / Isaiah Tanenbaum

In order to honor the people closest to Flux, several years ago we created a special relationship category called Friends of Flux. Friends of Flux, or ‘FoFs’, are the artists and audience members who have shown a sustained commitment to Flux through some combination of time, resources and talent. FoFs have supported our work through artistic collaboration, committed show attendance, production support, and financial contributions.

We want to honor and celebrate that ongoing relationship by committing to mutually support and strengthen each other. As it says in Flux’s mission statement: “we believe that long-term collaboration and rigorous creative development can unite artists and audiences to build a creative home in New York.” We believe that the Friends of Flux are central to the fulfillment of that mission. Learn more about the genesis of the Friends of Flux program here, and learn more details about how the Friends of Flux work below.

Current Friends of Flux

Rob Ackerman Johnna Adams Liz Duffy Adams Cat Adler-Josem Jake Alexander
Sarah Amandes Ryan Andes Marc Archambault Angela Astle Jason Astle
Jeremy Basescu/td>

Shira Beckerman Pete Boisvert Mariette Booth Erin Browne
Micah Bucey Janie Bullard Katherine Burger Kristy Caldwell Zack Calhoon
Marilou Cassidy Nat Cassidy Bob Choiniere Luis Andrei Cobo
Cathy Cohn James Comtois Carissa Cordes Stephanie Cox-Williams Michael Criscuolo
Liz Dailey Michael Davis David DelGrosso Ianthe Demos
Will Ditterline Bob Doorenbos Liz Douglas Marielle Duke Michael Eisenstein
Tim Errickson Shaun Fauntleroy Amanda Feldman Jess Felix Lauren Ferebee
Susan Ferrara Amy Fitts Kian Freitas Marc Friedenberg Norbert Fructeau de Laclos
Fengar Gael Bill George Shay Gines Ken Glickfeld
Tatiana Gomberg Jonny Goodman Connie Hall Heidi Handelsman Josh Hanson
Emily Hartford Katie Hartke Sean Harvey Corey Haydu Melissa Herion
Jessi Hill Candice Holdorf Kelli Dawn Holsopple Aja Houston Jason Howard
John Hurley Becky Kelly Friedenberg Maria Portman Kelly Lynn Kenny
Jennifer Somers Kipley Josh Koopman Frank Kuzler
Anna Lamadrid Jennifer Larkin Daryl Lathon David Ian Lee Stephanie Levin
EM Lewis Kitty Lindsay Elise Link Murdock Lucas Mariah MacCarthy
Rebecca McHugh Ellen McLaughlin Montserrat Mendez Rocio Mendez Mike Mihm
Marianne Miller Stephen Conrad Moore Sandra Morgan Matthew Murumba Warren Nichols
Ingrid Nordstrom Heather O’Brien Susan Louise O’Connor Kristen Palmer Jason Paradine
Lori E. Parquet Hannah Rose Peck Chester Poon Catherine Porter
Brian Pracht Anna Rahn Kari Riely Zack Robidas Michael Roderick
Heather Lee Rogers Mac Rogers Jesse Edward Rosbrow Allan Schulenburg Candy Schulenburg
John Schulenburg Marnie Schulenburg Sarah Schulenburg Laura Jo Schuster Debargo Sanyal
Nandita Shenoy Christina Shipp Alyssa Simon Crystal Skillman Russ Spitovsky
Julian Stetkevych Michael Swartz Adam Swiderski Adam Szymkowicz Jessica De Lia Tanenbaum
Daren Taylor Jane Lincoln Taylor Bob Teague Rusty Thelin Alexis Thomason
Karen Tortora-Lee Russell Treyz Matthew Trumbull Jennifer Tsay Jason Tseng
Ben VandenBoom Kristen Vaughan Nitya Vidyasagar Greg Waller Mike Wamser
Richard Watson Asa Wember Chris Wight Jordana Williams Sean Williams
Stephanie Willing Sarah Winkler Jodi Witherell Cotton Wright Sandy Yaklin
Travis York Jessica Zinder

If you’d like to know more information about the Friends of Flux program and how you can get involved, please contact Kia Rogers and Becky Byers.

OK, that all sounds good, but what does it really mean to be a Friend of Flux?

While there are no specific obligations or required responsibilities, FoFs and Flux’s Creative Partners support each other through actions and programming such as:

  • SpeakEasy events, our half town-hall, half party where the Creative Partners meet with FoFs to share insider information and brainstorm new ideas;

  • Increased access to creative opportunities for FoFs through Flux’s play development programming (Flux Sundays, Have Anothers, Food:Soul, etc.) and productions;

  • Priority discount tickets to FoFs, FoFs will bring new audience members to Flux shows;
  • Use of social media and word of mouth to spread the news about each other’s work; and more!