Tiff’s Acting Diary- Lesser Seductions Update with Rehearsals

Sorry to all my fans who have been wondering where I have been (LOL!). Well, I have been busy rehearsing. I laid off from writing because we lost one of our actresses, and it was very sad, since we have been works-shopping the play with her for awhile and she is such a wonderful person and actress. I look forward to working with her in the future.
We quickly replaced (ooh, I don’t think I like that word here, sounds harsh), her with an equally as nice and talented actress. We had our first stumble through this past Saturday. After getting up at 7:00am to go to Staten Island to participate in NYCares, I thought oh goodness I am never going to get through this! Stumble throughs are always a little stressful, especially the first one. It actually was a great run. Of course we had a few issues, like where to move things during a transition, but it was really nice to finally feel the flow of the show. Although because I was concentrating so hard on our transition I totally forgot to keep up with what is happening to my character during the transitions, since so much “time” passes between them. I had the next day off so I went through my script to clarify what is going on for me (Marie). The transitions is definitely a good place to to put our warm-ups into play because during the warm-ups before each year we all picked our own gestures, privately, to signify what happened to the character between the years that we do not see in the script.
Thanks for reading, write to you soon.

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