Jacob’s House Review: The Happiest Medium

(Photo: Justin Hoch at jhoch.com. Pictured: Jane Lincoln Taylor, Zack Calhoon, Bianca LaVerne Jones, Anthony Wills Jr.)

In a recession, value counts more than ever, so the good folks over at The Happiest Medium have come up with a great idea – two reviews for the price of one! With their new feature, 4 cents, two reviewers see the same play and then go back and forth, old school Siskel & Ebert style.

Into this arena step Karen Tortora-Lee and Antonio Minino. Karen’s thoughts count a lot with us, as this is her sixth Flux show, after the Trilogy, Pretty Theft, and The Lesser Seductions of History. This was Antonio’s first Flux show, but as one of the esteemed producers over at Maeutic Theatre Works, currently producing Barrier Island, we were thrilled he was able to attend and opine.

Enough build-up: their reviews are up, and both are happily positive. As befits a review with two reviewers, I will offer two teaser quotes instead of one:

“The secret to Flux’s success — as I’ve seen time and time again, but illustrated so beautifully in Jacob’s House — is how all the arms of talent reach out and clasp each other so firmly.”

“This is a well-focused generational play that studies the complexities of one single family during a time of exposed emotional gashes, and after all the greed, muck, jealousy and memories are cleaned off, the blood is thicker than any little old house”

So read the whole thing here, then get your tickets, and after you’ve seen the show, please share your thoughts here

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