Flux Sunday, August 22nd

What is Flux Sunday?

Playwrights: Rob Ackerman (Throwing Gumballs), Zack Calhoon (Hell, West, and Crooked; Stolen), Kristen Palmer* (The Stray Dog), Brian Pracht (The Misogynist), August Schulenburg (Denny and Lila)

Actors: Susan Ferrara, Nancy Franklin, Ken Glickfeld, Kari Riely, Gretchen Poulos, Heather Cohn, Matt Archambault, Cotton Wright, Tiffany Clementi, Jason Paradine, David Crommett

This was our last Flux Sunday for a few weeks, as our next two weekends will be spent at our annual retreat at Little Pond (more on that anon, huzzah!) But we went into the break on a resilient note, as Tiffany rode to my rescue and ran the first half of the session as my bus crept slowly through the Sunday rain.

That means I can’t tell you about the 1st half, so if you were there, reader, let me know what worked in the comments. But for the 2nd half highlights:

-Brian’s The Misogynist ending on a pleasingly ambiguous note, as our troubled Ethan seems to be finding some measure of self-awareness that has eluded him until now; and the last scene between him and Libby is lovely.

-Tiffany as Davia loving her plaything John (Matt A) in Zack’s Stolen; it was great to see Tiff revel in her power and cruelty

-Kari winsomely playing the con artist Lila seducing the small town doctor in Denny and Lila

-But above all, the read-through of Rob’s Throwing Gumballs that followed; this zany heart attack of a play conceals a sincere crisis of an artists’ moral responsibilities. Thanks to all who stuck around and joined us as we finally heard the whole play at a go.

So if you were there…what did I miss that’s worth remembering?

*Kristen had to cancel last minute, but I believe her scene was read anyway.

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