Hearts Like Fists Photos And Thoughts

(Photo: Isaiah Tanenbaum. Pictured: Tiffany Clementi, August Schulenburg, Christins Shipp, Cotton Wright)

Thanks to everyone (around 100!) who came out for our sixth Food:Soul, Adam Szymkowicz’s Hearts Like Fists. This was a special Food:Soul for us, as our first Food:Soul was Adam’s Pretty Theft. It was also our second partnering with Judson Memorial Church’s Bailout Theater series, a relationship we’re hoping to deepen.

(*Remiss in our first posting was including a thank you to the businesses that provided food, including John’s Pizzeria of Bleecker Street, NoHo Deli and Juice Bar, and Norwich Meadows Farms, provider of the Judson Church Community Supported Agriculture program.)

It was also our first event after our 5th Annual Retreat, and so was the first chance to test out our newly articulated Core/Aesthetic Values and Mission in action. Part of that mission is to treat our audience as partners in our process, so if you were there, PLEASE share with us your thoughts in the comments section below. What were you favorite parts in the play? What worked at the event, and what could we do better?

To inspire you, here are some beautiful shots of the reading, all courtesy of Isaiah Tanenbaum.

(Christina Shipp as Lisa and Jason Paradine as Peter)
(Amy Staats as Nurse and Tiffany Clementi as Jazmine)
(Christina Shipp as Lisa, Cotton Wright as Sally)
(Jill Knox as Nina, August Schulenburg as Dr X)
(Christina Shipp as Lisa)
(August Schulenburg as Dr X)
(Cotton Wright as Sally)
(Christina Shipp as Lisa)
(Amy Staats as Nurse, August Schulenburg as Dr X)
(August Schulenburg as Carson, Jason Paradine as Ed)
(Jill Knox as Nina)
(David Crommett as the Commissioner)
(Tiffany Clementi as Jazmine, Cotton Wright as Sally, Jill Knox as Nina)

A happy cast…

..and a happy audience!

Thanks again to everyone who made this possible – now share your thoughts in the comments below!

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