Flux Sunday, July 10th

By August Schulenburg
(What is Flux Sunday?)

We’re back! After an Ajax in Iraq sized hiatus, we returned to the friendly confines of Judson Memorial Church for some Flux Sunday action. It was a full day – we went over our 7PM limit – and everyone was really bringing it.

Playwrights: Fengar Gael (The Cat Vandal), EM Lewis (Now Comes the Night), August Schulenburg (Perse, The App of Paradise), Isaiah Tanenbaum (Viva Fidel)

Directors: Heather Cohn, Kitty Lindsay, Brian Pracht

Actors: David Crommett, Jane Taylor, Ken Glickfeld, Heather Nicholson, Kari Swenson Riely, Anna Lamadrid, Matthew Archambault, Ingrid Nordstrom, Vern Thiessen, Ryan Andes, Becky Byers, Leila Okafor, Carissa Cordes, Drew Valins

-Brian Pracht and Matthew Archambault found some really funny phone business in Viva Fidel, the play that routinely requires three times as many props as any other scene.
-Ken accidentally kicked my character’s wounded leg in Now Comes the Night, and wow, that really helped my intensity the rest of the beautifully ravaged scene! Ellen said she might even keep it…
-No one gathered at this Flux Sunday will ever forget Ryan on the yoga mat as the cat-possessed Omar in Mary’s The Cat Vandal. A supple kudos to Andes and director Heather.
-It was really cool to see two Perses and two Melindas in the long chunk of Perse we did – Anna/Becky and Heather/Ingrid each found completely different energies in the roles. I’m also unclear as to how they directed such a long scene so cleanly in so little time. Magic?
-Drew Valins was back! And he brought a real tenderness to Paco in The App of Paradise that grounded such an idea heavy short scene.

If you were there, what do you remember from the day?

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  1. Anonymous · July 12, 2011 at 2:02 pm · Reply

    If you were there, what do you remember from the day? Everything! Everyone! Flux Sundays are forever emblazoned in my memory as a reminder that the evolving theatre requires majesty of imagination and generosity of heart! Whenever I despair, I think of Sundays past and yet to come. This past Sunday I saw the work of Ellen Lewis brought to vivid life, not to mention the two wild singing Perses, Anna and Becky, and the hysterical Cubanos, and to behold Heather’s work with Kari and Ryan breathing their fires into my own feline perversion — what a joy!! I levitated all the way home! Bless you, Gus, for your vision!!

  2. Tor Hershman · July 13, 2011 at 6:14 pm · Reply
  3. August Schulenburg · July 13, 2011 at 7:43 pm · Reply

    Thank YOU, Mary, for always bringing pages that are such fun to play with!

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