What Is The Virus?

More amazing DEINDE world-building from Isaiah Tanenbaum! Things to note:

  • We decided the virus was transmitted primarily through any human fluid – something that could be contagious, but not airborne or so contagious that the human race was in immediate danger of extinction.
  • The quantum biologists in the picture are from QuamBi, the premiere quantum biology lab in the country. Pictured are Jenni Long (Rachael Hip-Flores), a renowned prodigy, and Mac Silverhorn (Isaiah Tanenbaum).
  • What’s that they’re doing? Why, using a holly to examine the structure of the viruses DNA, natch.
  • Why is the virus so hard to stop? You’ll need to see DEINDE to find out, and there are 31 (just sold two more!) of the $12 tix to opening weekend available – please click here to get your own…but make sure you’re using your own computer.

And now, the glorious image, free of the constraints of our WordPress featured image requirements.

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  1. Carissa Cordes · April 17, 2012 at 7:33 pm · Reply

    sounds like TB

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