The IT Awards Nom Party

(Photo by Jennifer Somers Kipley. Post by August Schulenburg.)

What a great party!

First things first, we are absolutely thrilled to have been nominated for the fifth straight year, and for two different shows:

Becky Byers 
Hearts Like Fists
, Flux Theatre Ensemble

Rocío Mendez Mendez and Adam Swiderski
Hearts Like Fists
, Flux Theatre Ensemble

Kelly O’Donnell 
Hearts Like Fists
, Flux Theatre Ensemble

Johnna Adams 
Sans Merci
, Flux Theatre Ensemble

We are so deeply grateful to the judges and to everyone who took the time to vote for us, and so thrilled for Becky, Rocio, Adam, Kelly and Johnna.

We were also psyched to see old IT friends like APAC, Vampire Cowboys, terraNOVA Collective, Nat Cassidy, Inc, Workshop Theater Company and New York Neo-Futurists representing; and buddies like Blue Coyote and Pipeline Theatre Company in the house.

But the best part of the IT Awards isn’t just seeing those you know: it’s seeing those you don’t know and realizing just how wide and diverse the Indie Theatre Movement really is. In that spirit, congratulations to -new-to-me folks like PopUp Theatrics, Libra Theatre Company, LabRats Theatre Company and Loading Dock Theatre Company, all of whom we’ll certainly be tracking after impressive showings.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an Awards Ceremony without feeling like certain shows/artists are missing. Each of us could pull together a long list of deserving peeps we’d like to have seen as nominees, but on a personal note, seeing Gideon Productions’ Sovereign absent from this list is a real bummer. It was not only a great production, but the culmination of an event that raised the bar for all of us in Indie Theatre.

Finally, a huge shoutout to DJ Chris Wight for the best fricking IT dance party ever. The end.

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