Food:Soul–Once Upon A Bride There Was A Forest

(Photo by Isaiah Tanenbaum. Pictured: Becky Byers and Will Lowry at the 2012 Flux Retreat staged reading of Once Upon A Bride. Post by August Schulenburg.)

After the transformative experience of Understand Our Ground, we’re back to our more traditional Food:Soul format, sharing an extreme staged reading of a play we’re passionate about.

And oh, are we passionate about this one!

Flux first worked on Once Upon A Bride There Was A Forest at the 2012 Flux Annual Retreat, and it’s hard to imagine a better setting for the play. Following the magical journey of the play, we moved from inside the main barn to the fields outside to through an actual forest and many other locations besides. We all fell a little in love with the play then, and brought it back to share a scene at the Have Another Retreat Harvest. A huge thanks to the Friends of Flux who helped us workshop the play, including Johnna Adams, Carissa Cordes and Marnie Schulenburg.

Now we’re bringing the full play back for a Food:Soul, directed by Heather Cohn and featuring an all-Creative Partner cast! Read on for more information, and we can’t wait to share this beautiful play with you.

Once Upon A Bride There Was A Forest 

Written by Kristen Palmer
Directed by Heather Cohn

Join us for our next Food:Soul, Flux’s potluck play development series, where we pair an extreme staged reading of a play we’re passionate about with free food, home cooked by the Flux community!

Thursday, January 23
Doors open / food at 7:00
Staged Reading at 7:30
At Theaterlab, 357 W 36th S, 3rd Floor, NYC

Reservations highly recommended! Use this RSVP form:

After Warren proposes to Josie, she decides she must make one last attempt to find her long-lost father before she walks down the aisle. What she finds instead is a dangerous, seductive world of secrets and magic from which she may not want to escape. Once Upon A Bride There Was A Forest is a lyrical, haunting and surprisingly funny fairy tale about children and parents, forgetting and remembering, and the power of a good story to capture us or set us free.

Featuring: Becky Byers, Sol Crespo, Rachael Hip-Flores, Isaiah Tanenbaum, August Schulenburg and Chinaza Uche

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