DEINDE Review: Natalie Zutter, Tor

Photo by Justin Hoch at Pictured: Sol Marina Crespo, Rachael Hip Flores. Post by August Schulenburg.

I am SO excited that several of our reviews are coming from sites dedicated to science fiction. First up is Natalie Zutter from Tor, and she has a strong reviewing voice that made me wish she was interested in non sci-fi plays, as well. Here’s an example from a quote I particularly like:

However, the masterful staging of layering three different scenes into one room, so that we swing from sickbed to laboratory to break room, creates stirring contrast between these friends and competitors, even as the self-made gods begin to struggle against their restraints.

I’m thrilled that Heather’s staging is called masterful (it is), and that she not only connected with the juxtaposition of these three scenes, but captured a little of their excitement through this single propulsive sentence.

Though largely positive, she does have some criticism over plotting that seems too calculated (an example is Mac’s susceptibility to DEINDE), missed opportunities (more art crashing into science through the character of Mindy), and a desire to see more pivotal events on stage instead of hearing them (perhaps she’s referencing what happens to Dara? Malcolm’ story of his visit to Mac’s place?)

I’m most interested in this second criticism, as it speaks to a central concern of the play – art relying a certain degree of human frailty to exist. Mindy’s role (so wonderfully played by Sol Crespo) of necessity lies in reacting to the bizarre events as they unfold, and her forceful personality rarely gets to take the initiative (though she does try). In conversation with someone who said DEINDE would work well expanded into a series, I imagined a sequence of events where Mindy would take on more revolutionary role…but I can’t talk more about that without also discussing other potential post-play events.

I hope very much sci-fi fans will read this review and come see the show – only one more week!

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