Imagination Compact Artists Reveal #10–Erin Browne

What is The Imagination Compact?
How can I learn more about Flux’s Midsummer?

Erin Browne

Playwright, The Fairies, April 28th

Previous Flux History: Plays developed at Flux Sunday include Narrator 1 and Trying.

1. What is your favorite Shakespeare play?
Measure for Measure

2. Does Shakespeare influence your writing at all?
Yes. Constantly. Unfortunately.

3. If you had to date one of the Midsummer lovers,
whom would you date and why?
Helena, because she is obsessive and usually humble.

4. Fairies: colorful playmates or dangerous tricksters?
Colorful tricksters and dangerous playmates

5. If the Flux Capacitor made time travel possible
when the DeLorean reached 88mph,
what do you think would happen if Flux Theatre Ensemble
got theatre up to 88mph?

Um, you guys are nerds.

6.If a capricious fairy turned you into an animal against your will,
what animal would you be?
I would want to be a giraffe but I’d probably end as a lemur.
Neither is bad. I like
them both.

7. Which would win in a fight – the forest of Midsummer
or the forest of Arden?
Birnam Wood could kick both of their asses!

8. How many licks does it take….
Oh, you guys…..You don’t really want me to answer that.

9. If we could compact your imagination, what color would it be and why?
Blue because it’s the best color.

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