Imagination Compact Artists Reveal #7–Keith Elijah Fasciani

What is The Imagination Compact?
And how can I support it while partying with Flux?

Keith Elijah Fasciani

Actor, The Lovers, May 5th

Flux History: Regular Flux Sunday participant

1. What Shakespeare role would you like to play next?
Maybe Hotspur. I'd like to do one of those bad-ass history/war plays.

2. What Shakespeare role would you like to play that no one
will ever cast
you in?
Not sure. I can be pretty convincing.

3. Describe the best Shakespeare production you've seen.
Hard to single out. But I did see a marathon of all the Henry's
at a church downtown once; quite a while ago. It was an
all day and night theater experience and it rocked.
The sets, the choreography and the intensity of
the actors all blended together to create a universe
that was mesmerizing.

4. If you had to date one of the Midsummer lovers, who would
you date and
I don't know if you consider her of the lover's, but for me,
there is no one hotter than Titania. She's magical,
she can sing, and she's got like four other fairies-in-waiting
to assist in her doting. That's hot.

5. What is the first thing you think of when you hear the
word "flux"?

Doctor Emmit Brown and his DeLorean.

6. Fairies: colorful playmates or dangerous tricksters?
A little of both please.

7. If the Flux Capacitor made time travel possible when the
DeLorean reached
88mph, what do you think would happen
if Flux Theatre Ensemble got theatre
up to 88mph?
You ever see '*Vice Versa' *with Judge Rheinhold and Fred Savage?

8. Complete this sentence: "It's too late to go back now,
I'll just have to
do without my _______"
Better Judgement

6. If a capricious fairy turned you into an animal against
your will, what
animal would you be and why?
panther. they're cool.

7. Which would win in a fight - the forest of Midsummer or
the forest of
Midsummer all-the-way. Scantily clad fairies with magic and
prowess beats em' out any day of the week.

8. How many licks does it take...?
a couple good ones

9. Would you rather have a beer with Richard Burbage or
William Kemp?


10. If we could compact your imagination, what color
would it be and why?

I think it'd be a mix of purple, silver and red. Why not?

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