The Imagination Compact

The Imagination Compact

“The lunatic, the lover, and the poet,

Are of imagination all compact”

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

April 28, May 5, May 12, May 19 all at 8PM
The 4th St Theatre
83 East Fourth St
Between 2nd and 3rd Aves

Following on the success of last year’s exploration of La Vida Es Sueno, The Dream Project; Flux brings you the prelude to our June 2008 production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Imagination Compact. Inspired by the quote above, The Imagination Compact is a series of staged readings of short plays riffing on the characters of Midsummer.

Divided into four nights, each evening will focus on one of the four worlds of the play: The Lovers, The Lunatics (the mechanicals), the Poets (the royals), and the Fairies. This project will challenge our traditional notions of the play and channel Shakespeare’s vision of transformation through contemporary voices.

DIRECTOR: Jaime Robert Carrillo
PLAYWRIGHTS: Erin Browne, Adam Szymkowicz, Joe Mathers, Katherine Burger
ACTORS: Aaron Zook, Cotton Wright, Jeffrey Glaser, Josh Adler, Sara Mayer, Jake Alexander, Autumn Horne, Ivory Aquino

DIRECTOR: Scott Ebersold
PLAYWRIGHTS: Kristen Palmer, Mac Rogers, Brian Smallwood, Josh Sohn
ACTORS: Maria Portman Kelly, Keith Elijah Fasciani, Samuel H. Perwin, Kitty Lindsay,
Polly Lee, Susan Louise O’Connor, David Ian Lee, Charlotte Graham

DIRECTOR: Kate Marks
PLAYWRIGHTS: Amlin Gray, August Schulenburg, Liz Duffy Adams, Jeff Lewonczyk
ACTORS: Elise Link, Kelly O’Donnell, Tatiana Gomberg, Elena Chang, Will Ellis, Anthony Wills Jr, Kelli Holsopple

DIRECTOR: Angela Aastle
PLAYWRIGHTS: Brian Pracht, Rob Ackerman, Jeremy Basescu, Bekah Brunstetter
ACTORS: Matthew Archambault, Caitlin Kinsella, Thomas DelPizzo, Andrew Valins, Katrina Foy, Erin McCarson, Christina Vargas, Connie Hall

In addition, all four nights will feature an evolving devised work based on the themes of Midsummer from Melissa Fendell’s company, The Anthropologists, featuring Jean Goto, Sarah Lemp, Liz Maestri, Jennifer Moses, Jennifer Perrotta, Katy Rubin and Sonja Sweeney; stage managed by Dave Kelly.

Stay tuned for updates, and for candid and comic interviews with some of the artistic personnel!

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