Imagination Compact Artists Reveal #26–Melissa Fendell

What is the Imagination Compact?

And how can learn more about Flux’s Midsummer?

1. What’s the best directed play of Shakespeare’s you’ve ever seen?Inspired and brilliantly funny production of The Winter’s Tale by a grad student at Trinity Repertory Company about five years ago.

2. What Shakespeare play would you most like to direct? King Lear. But not for about another twenty or thirty years. I need to bea little bit older and a little bit wiser for this one.

3. What’s the strangest choice you’ve seen a director make in a play ofShakespeare’s? To have two actors act out the last act of Macbeth with small plastic dolls. It was awkward. And I couldn’t sneak out of the theatre without beingnoticed. Bad experimental theatre in Spain.

4. Favorite Line of Text: “By the twitching of my thumbs, somethingwicked this way comes.” (Macbeth) It’s just so perfect! And it inspired a Ray Bradbury novel!

5. Fairies: colorful playmates or dangerous tricksters? Oh, they are dangerous, my friend, very, very dangerous.

6. If we could compact your imagination, what color would it be and why? Emerald green: rich, mysterious, signifying growth and new life (plus, I strive to be ecologically friendly!)

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