Work Begins for the Angel Eaters Trilogy

We are deep into production meetings now, and rapidly approaching the beginning of rehearsals, for our upcoming production of Johnna Adam’s trilogy, Angel Eaters. Our team of designers and directors are now trying to figure out how to incarnate three wildly different plays (in repertory!) into one space. For those of you who want to mark your calendars now (and please do, though tix are not yet on sale) read on for the dates and some teaser information about the plays!

A trilogy of plays by
Johnna Adams
Set Design: Caleb Levengood
Costume Design: Emily DeAngelis
Light Design: Jennifer Rathbone
Sound Design: Asa Wember
Dramaturgy: Kay Mitchell
Wings Theatre, November 3rd-November 22nd

Angel Eaters

Directed by Jessi D. Hill

Joann, a slow girl growing up poor in 1930’s Oklahoma, claims to talk to angels and raise animals from the dead. But when her father dies, and her sister gets pregnant, the angel’s message takes a darker turn. As her mother hires a pair of carnies to raise her dead husband; Joann struggles to understand if her growing power is good or evil, and whether she should fight God to bring her father back. This fiercely comic and cosmic drama of good versus evil plays out through one family struggling to survive the death and loss of the Dust Bowl.

Featuring: Tiffany Clementi, Ken Glickfeld*, Catherine Porter*, Marnie Schulenburg, Isaiah Tanenabum, Gregory Waller*, Cotton Wright*

Preview: Monday, November 3rd 8PM
Opening: Thursday, November 6th, 8PM
Runs: Saturday, Nov 8th, 15th and 22nd at 1PM; Sunday Nov 9th, Wednesday Nov 12th, Tuesday Nov 18th at 8PM; Friday Nov 14th at 9:30PM; Sunday Nov 16th at 4PM; Friday Nov 21st at 7PM


Directed by Jerry Ruiz

The second play leaps forward to the children of the survivors of Angel Eaters in 1970’s Texas. Unwilling to accept her sister Kate’s death, Ernelle kidnaps Osley, her ex-lover and heir to the power of the Angel Eaters. Osley, gone over to God, refuses to raise Kate, forcing Ernelle and her rattler-wrangling lover Snake to darker methods of persuasion. Kate’s mother Mattie, believing her daughter was murdered, seeks revenge through Shane, a teenage boy who adores her. Meanwhile, the two men who may have killed her, Shane’s brother Ted and Kate’s husband Everett, share cigarettes and memories of the woman they loved. All three stories collide in this hauntingly intimate play of how love can drive good people to acts of unspeakable violence.

Featuring: Matthew Crosby, David Jackson, Jason Paradine, Amy Lynn Stewart*, Jane Taylor*, Richard B. Watson*, Scott Drummond*, Becky Kelly

Preview: Tuesday, November 4th 8PM
Opening: Friday, November 7th, 7PM
Runs: Saturday, Nov 8th, 15th and 22nd at 4PM; Sunday Nov 9th at 1PM; Monday Nov 10th, Thursday Nov 13th, Sunday Nov 16th, Wednesday Nov 19th at 8PM; Friday Nov 21st at 9:30PM

8 Little Antichrists

Directed by Kelly O’Donnell

Set twenty years in the future, the final play of the trilogy imagines a dystopia where Disney runs jails and Sony clones workers. One of the clone breeders, Mama, has made a literal deal with the devil to bear the 8 Little Antichrists so they can bring about the final war with God. But she needs to bring all 8 to term, and one by one they’re dying. So Mama sends some dark angels to track down the last of the angel eaters’ blood, siblings Melanie and Jeremy, so they can raise her brood from the dead. But the siblings join forces with a rogue dark angel and one of Mama’s own children to stop the apocalypse and save the world. This wildly imaginative comedy of the apocalypse is also a longing cry for a paradise lost; and the thrilling conclusion to a three play battle between good and evil, and love and loss.

Featuring: Jake Alexander, Candice Holdorf*, Felicia Hudson*, Nora Hummel *, Elise Link, Joe Mathers, Rebecca McHugh, Zack Robidas, August Schulenburg

Preview: Wednesday, November 5th 8PM
Opening: Friday, November 7th, 9:30PM
Runs: Saturday, Nov 8th, 15th and 22nd at 8PM; Sunday Nov 9th at 4PM; Tuesday Nov 11th, Monday Nov 17th, Thursday Nov 20th at 8PM; Friday Nov 14th at 7PM; Sunday Nov 16th at 1PM

The unusual start times is due to the rep nature of the trilogy. All three plays stand on their own, but each deepens the experience of the other. Come on Saturdays and see all 3 shows in order!

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