Final Trilogy Press Round Up

(Photo: Johnna Adams. Pictured: Candice Holdorf, Zack Robidas, Rebecca McHugh)

Well, it’s December, which must mean the Trilogy is over, and all the striking and thanks giving made me neglect the last of the press of our gone plays.

Here’s a cool interview with 8 Little Antichrists director Kelly O’Donnell on the Neighborbeeblog.

(Photo: Justin Hoch. Pictured: Becky Kelly.)

Here is the conclusion to James Comtois’ insightful review of the trilogy.

(Photo: Justin Hoch. Pictured: Cotton Wright)

(Photo: Johnna Adams. Pictured: Satanachia)

Playwright and actor Zack Calhoon’s thoughts on Rattlers and 8 Little Antichrists.

(Photo: Justin Hoch. Pictured: Matthew Crosby, Richard Watson)

Thank you to everyone who took a chance on one or more of the plays. The days where all three plays were packed with buzzing audiences staying for the second and then the third were days of whiskey and cigarettes for all of us (whiskey and cigarettes being Trilogy version of wine and roses). We have our post mortem tonight, and much to talk about, but the glow and exhaustion of the trilogy hasn’t left us yet…and thank you to everyone who made it possible.

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