Flux Fusion, December 2nd, 08

One of the definitions of our mascot word is (according to Merriam-Webster) a substance used to promote fusion, and that definition is being handily twisted here to tout the work of companies friendly to Flux (or those whose friendship we’re courting!) Also, I’ve always appreciated the Night Planner over at Superfluities and Aaron’s What Sounds Cool over at That Sounds Cool.

So in that spirit, now that you’ve seen the Trilogy and are hungry for more theatre, why not see the work of other exciting artists and companies?

MUST SEE: Rob Ackerman’s Icarus of Ohio at NYU!

(Photo from the Have Another reading of a scene from Icarus of Ohio. Pictured by Jason Paradine, Daren Taylor, David Douglas Smith)

Rob’s play Icarus of Ohio is a beautiful play about adolescent ambition and the abuse of invention, and Flux had the good fortune to spend some time developing the play at our Flux Sundays. Now NYU is doing a full production, but it closes this weekend, so GO SEE IT!

Also worth a look are:

Piper McKenzie’s production of IC Playwright Jeff Lewonczyk’s The Granduncle Quadrilogy. After a trilogy, why not a quadrilogy?

Flux Sunday participant Zack Calhoon’s prequel to Macbeth, The Weird Sisters. Having played one of the witches (you read that right), I’m curious to find out how they got that way.

And if you want to see the sequel to that The Weird Sisters, go see Roust Theatre Company’s Macbeth! Our intrepid Candice Holdorf has spoken highly of this company’s work, and they close this weekend, so check ’em out.

Finally, I’ve heard great things about Rising Phoenix’s Too Much Memory, and it is always exciting to see good work take the risk of extending.

So, there you have our first installment of Flux Fusion (potentially the last if the name doesn’t grow on me). Go see some shows!

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