Flux Sunday, December 14th

Our last Flux Sunday of 2008 was the most intimate we’d had in a while, and that combined with Michael’s delicious cookies gave the day a relaxed holiday air. We read a bunch of pages from Rob Ackerman’s Volleygirls and my 60’s play, and three delicious pages from Johnna Adam’s Lickspittles, Button Holers and Damned Pernicious Go-Betweens.

We read through most of the newly revised 60’s play, up through 1966 and the Black and White ball. Highlights were Jason Pardine’s Bobby, Michael Davis’ George, and Kelly O Donnell’s Tegan. The play is really coming now, and soon the challenge will be honing in on the heart of a play with ten equal parts. I suspect the play my finally live between Anisa and Tegan, but Marie becomes more and more interesting every year, and there’s nobody I want to listen to more then Martha.

Though we only read a few pages of Johnn’a hexameter comedy, it was enough to give all of us the holiday treat of Brian Pracht’s ridiculously divine Peder the Lickspittle.

We closed Flux Sundays in 2008 by reading through the end (almost) of Rob Ackerman’s Volleygirls. It was a perfect note to end on, as the Coach and his players pulled out a victory of the classic against all odds variety.

And that was the end of Flux Sundays in the year of Aught Eight.

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