Flux Sunday, October 5th

This was the last Flux Sunday before the trilogy began, and again, it was a full three hours, with scenes from Rob Ackerman’s Volley Girls, Johnna Adam’s Lickspittles, Buttonholers and Damn Pernicious Go Betweens, Jeremy Basescu’s The Will, Mary Fengar Gail’s Beggar At The Feast, and my own 60’s play.

Over two months later, I remember Jason Paradine’s hilarious Coach in Volleygirls, Brian Pracht’s deliciously self-satisfied smirk as Peder in Lickspittles, a fierce turn by Mary as Eleanor in The Will, and Johnna Adam’s lyrical read of Martha in my 60’s play.

Then everything was put on hold as we watched a family through three generations try to bring back mankind’s lost beauty and grace in the horns so long lost and almost forgotten.

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