Flux Sunday, September 28th

Yes, I’ve been a wee bit derelict in posting about our Flux Sunday activities – trilogies will do that to you. And I know that somewhere in the first half of the year, a Flux Sunday went unreported on this blog, a victim to this swiftly tilting 2008. Sometimes this blog feels like the Buendia home and the flood of work we do Macondo’s assault, but I try as best I can to keep all smelling like basil, even months after the fact.

Still with me? All right then. Our final Flux before the Trilogy went out with a good-sized bang, featuring new scenes from Aaron Michael Zook’s We Are Burning, Jeremy Basescu’s The Will, Johnna Adam’s Lickspittles, Buttonholers, and Damned Pernicious Go-Betweens, Rob Ackerman’s Volleygirls; and the first scenes from new plays by Corey Ann Haydu and Mary Fengar Gail.

Highlights included Ingrid Nordstrom’s continued beautiful work as Lucy in We Are Burning; Christina Shipp channeling every long night serving cocktails as a waitress gone mad in Club; Anthony Willis Jr’s nuanced playwright charmer in Beggar At The Feast; Richard Watson’s hexameter sputtering Stub in Lickspittles, Aaron’s hilarious portrayal of sad-sack simpleton Victor in The Will; and the shortest volleyball team ever in Volleygirls.

I could say more about this particularly jam packed Flux Sunday, but there is only so much time left in 2008 to look back.

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